Contact Information

Telephone: 1-847-309-1308


Business Location: Wheaton, IL

Pricing Options

Your concerns are unique and solutions will vary. Prices for services can be quoted after initial consultation. First consultations are no charge unless significant travel fees are required.


Several pricing options are negotiable based on your specific situation

  • Contract - for full time engagements for a specified period of time to cover a project.
  • Hourly Rate - for engagements where the time duration is unknown and prefer to pay for time spent on the assignment based on the needs of the project
  • Fixed Price - for engagements where the outcome can be clearly articulated, an all inclusive price can be determined to deliver on the project objectives. This is typically done by estimating various stages of the project with mutual agreement that the objectives have been met for each stage.
  • By Results - for engagements where particular financial results can be measured, price can be determined by a percentage of the improvement over a negotiated period of time.